Australia Nail Care Market Assessment, By Category [Nail Polish (Liquid Polish, Gel Polish, Top and Base Coat, Others), Nail Polish Removers, Nail Extensions, Nail Accessories, Others], By End-use [Professional, Individual], By Distribution Channel [Online, Offline], By Region, Opportunities, and Forecast, 2016-2030F

Australia Nail Care Market was valued at USD 512.65 million in 2022 and is estimated to witness a CAGR of 5.73% for the forecast period between 2023 and 2030 to reach USD 800.58 million by 2030.

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Australia Nail Care Market was valued at USD 512.65 million in 2022 and is estimated to witness a CAGR of 5.73% for the forecast period between 2023 and 2030 to reach USD 800.58 million by 2030. The market is driven by high consumer spending and consumers’ growing emphasis on personal grooming and health care. Nail care has become an important aspect of personal care, especially among young females in Australia. Along with other cosmetics like makeup and colour products, nail polish is used to enhance their appearance. Customers are experimenting with new nail art trends like marble nails, animal prints, neon and pastel nails and minimal nails. Additionally, the market for nail care products is anticipated to develop further due to the increase in nail salons across the country.

Nail polish, lotions, oils, removers, artificial nails, top and base coats and accessories make up the nail care goods. Among these, artificial nails and nail polish have seen the most significant demand. The majority of people use nail extensions, especially acrylic nails, to improve their appearance to prevent biting and breakage of nails they have delicate and short nails. Millennials and Generation Z are increasingly buying nail care products online and in retail channels, they are keen to try new colours and trends that they see online on social media platforms. Adding glitter and sequence to give a shining look is a popular nail art trend on certain occasions and festivals in Australia.

Call for Organic and Vegan Products

In maintaining ethical and ecological cosmetics collections, consumers don't have to settle with blank nails in Australia, thanks to the growth of non-toxic, planet-friendly nail paint manufacturers. With a vast selection of vibrant and timeless colours, as well as alternatives that are carbon neutral, cruelty-free, halal and vegan, major brands are offering products for this particular consumer base. Due to benefits, such as being natural and chemical-free, organic and natural nail care products have gained popularity over the past several years. Therefore, brands like Gloss & Co, Dazzle Dry, Sienna Byron Bay, Nourished Life, etc. have been focusing on producing organic nail care products and releasing natural and even vegan nail polish in the market.

In Australia, organic and vegan nail care products are heavily promoted via social media channels. These products are frequently reviewed and endorsed by social media influencers, beauty bloggers and vloggers, who also share their positive experiences and recommendations with their followers.

Focus on Nail Health and Wellness

The vast growth potential of the Australia nail care market is being aided by the rising awareness of nail hygiene among a sizable population. Consumers in Australia are becoming more conscious of their nail health and fitness. They are looking for solutions that enhance nail strength, hydration and general nail health in addition to their aesthetic qualities. The Australian market is seeing an increase in demand for nail care products that are filled with vitamins, minerals and nourishing components. The increasing consumer attention towards nail health has given rise to various businesses like spas, salons and wellness centres focusing on nail care providing various services like manicures, pedicures, cuticle care, shellac gels and others. Many startups are entering the market that provides professional spa-like nail care services at the customer’s doorstep. For example, Purely Polished, Sydney Mobile Therapies and Blys are offering these services at home.

Government Regulations

Cosmetics in Australia are regulated and administered by three government bodies– the Australian Government, the Department of Health under the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The TGA is responsible for ensuring the safety, quality, and efficacy of therapeutic goods, including nail care products, in the Australian market. Australia requires nail care products to adhere to the TGA's safety guidelines for ingredients. Due to possible health dangers, some additives, such as specific colours or preservatives, may be limited or forbidden.

On July 1, 2020, AICIS replaced the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS). A regulatory framework called AICIS controls chemicals that are manufactured or imported for "industrial" usage. The importer must be based in Australia and registered with AICIS for cosmetics companies to sell their products there. The importer is responsible for ensuring that the products are distributed in compliance.

Increasing Women’s Workforce to Surge Demand

Australian women are heavily impacting the nail care industry of Australia from both ends, as a consumer and as businesswomen. With a considerable number of women in Australia’s workforce, 62.4% of females participating in the labour workforce, this has led to huge consumption of cosmetics, including nail care products. There is a direct relation between an increase in women’s income and cosmetics consumption expenditure. Australian women make up a significant portion of Australia nail care industry, they work as nail artists, salon managers, nail technicians and other similar positions. Their knowledge, abilities and inventiveness improve the calibre of services offered, drawing in and keeping clients. In Australia, there are many women who own and operate nail salons and other nail-related enterprises. Women entrepreneurs contribute to the sector with their own viewpoints, innovation and business savvy. For example, the founder and CEO of the Australian cosmetics company Roccoco Botanicals, Jacine Greenwood, won the Women in Business prize at the first Women Changing the World Awards.

Impact of COVID-19

Due to lockdowns and social segregation measures, nail salons and spas in Australia had temporary closures or restrictions on their operations during the pandemic. Due to this, business revenue and client traffic both significantly decreased. Many customers turned to at-home nail care products since professional nail care services were not easily accessible. This includes investing in DIY nail kits, nail polish, and nail care supplies to keep their nails healthy throughout the lockdown. As people attempted to duplicate salon-like experiences at home, the market for at-home nail care products grew. Many nail care firms and salons have improved their online presence and set up e-commerce platforms because of the shutdown of physical retail locations during lockdowns. This made it possible for people to buy nail care goods and services online, which drove internet sales. Additionally, using digital platforms, nail care specialists can now engage with customers and provide online training and consultations.

Australia Nail Care Market: Report Scope

“Australia Nail Care Market Assessment, Opportunities, and Forecast, 2016-2030F”, is a comprehensive report by Markets & Data, providing in-depth analysis and assessment of the current scenario of the nail care market in Australia, industry dynamics and challenges. The report includes market size, segmental shares, growth trends, COVID-19 impact, opportunities, and forecasts (2023-2030). Additionally, the report profiles the leading players in the industry mentioning their respective market share, business model, competitive intelligence, etc.


Report Attribute


Base Year of the Analysis


Historical Period


Forecast Period


Projected Growth Rate

CAGR of 5.73% between 2023-2030

Revenue Forecast in 2030

USD 800.58 million


Revenue in USD million

Segments Covered

Product Category, End-user, Distribution Channel

Regions Covered

Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania

Key Companies Profiled

L’Oréal S.A., Coty, Inc., Estée Lauder Companies Inc, Unilever PLC, LVMH Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton, Chanel S.A. corporation ,Planet Nails, Wella International Operations Switzerland S.à.r.l (OPI), Get Blys Pty Limited, Purely Polished Pty Ltd, Sienna Byron Bay Pty. Ltd


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In this report, Australia Nail Care Market has been segmented into the following categories: 

1.       By Product Category

1.1.    Nail Polish

1.1.1.Liquid Polish

1.1.2.Gel Polish

1.1.3.Top and Base Coat


1.2.    Nail Polish Removers

1.3.    Nail Extensions

1.4.    Nail Accessories

1.5.    Others

2.       By End-use

2.1.   Professional

2.2.   Individual

3.       By Distribution Channel

3.1.   Online

3.2.   Offline

4.       By Region

4.1.   Western Australia

4.2.   Northern Territory

4.3.   Queensland

4.4.   South Australia

4.5.   New South Wales

4.6.   Victoria

4.7.   Tasmania Southwest

Key Players Landscape and Outlook

Australia nail care market is in a bright spot for years to come and will serve as a significant centre for the innovation, consumption and manufacturing of nail care products. Customers are eager to spend more money on luxury high-end beauty brands, that provide products which are natural, organic, cruelty-free and associate themselves with the ethical and traditional values of Australia. Nail care brands began incorporating technologies, like AR and VR, into their websites, providing customers with a more interactive experience where customers can virtually try-on services to aid with their purchasing decisions. In the Australia market, partnerships between nail care companies and influencers and celebrities are increasingly common. Brands are opting for this incredibly lucrative and successful marketing channel. To handle their social media accounts, some advertisers are even hiring TikTok influencers, like skincare brand Wldkat, which employed Michael Dion.

Market Xcel’s reports answer the following questions:

·         What is the current and future market size of the product/service in question globally or specific to different countries?

·         How are the markets divided into different product/service segments and the market size and growth of each segment? 

·         What is the market potential of different product segments and their investment case?

·         How are the markets predicted to develop in the future and what factors will drive or inhibit growth?

·         What is the business environment and regulatory landscape specific to the product/service?

Key Players Operating in Australia Nail Care Market

  • L’Oréal S.A.
  • Coty, Inc.
  • Estée Lauder Companies Inc
  • Unilever PLC
  • LVMH Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton

·         Chanel S.A. corporation / Chanel Inc

  • Planet Nails

·         Revlon, Inc.

·         Wella International Operations Switzerland S.à.r.l (OPI)

  • Get Blys Pty Limited
  • Purely Polished Pty Ltd
  • Sienna Byron Bay Pty. Ltd

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Table of Contents

1.       Research Methodology

2.       Project Scope & Definitions

3.       Impact of COVID-19

4.       Executive Summary

5.       Voice of Customer

5.1.    Demographics (Age/Cohort Analysis – Baby Boomers and GenX, Millenials, Gen Z; Gender; Income – Low, Mid and High; Geography; Nationality; etc.)

5.2.    Market Awareness and Product Information

5.3.    Brand Awareness and Loyalty

5.4.    Factors Considered in Purchase Decision

5.4.1.Brand Name

5.4.2.Pack Size



5.4.5.Customisation Options


5.4.7.Packaging Type

5.4.8.Inclination Towards Organic Products

5.4.9.Promotional Offers & Discounts

5.5.    Purpose of Purchase (Personal Use, Gifting)

5.6.    Frequency of Purchase

5.7.    Medium of Purchase

5.8.    Role of Brand Ambassador or Influencer Marketing on Product/Brand Absorption

6.       Australia Nail Care Market Outlook, 2016-2030F

6.1.    Market Size & Forecast

6.1.1.By Value

6.1.2.By Volume

6.2.    By Product Type

6.2.1.Nail Polish              Liquid Polish              Gel Polish              Top and Base Coat              Others

6.2.2.Nail Polish Removers

6.2.3.Nail Extensions

6.2.4.Nail Accessories


6.3.    By End-use



6.4.    By Distribution Channel



6.5.    By Region

6.5.1.Western Australia

6.5.2.Northern Territory


6.5.4.South Australia

6.5.5.New South Wales


6.5.7.Tasmania Southwest

6.6.    By Company Market Share (%), 2022

7.       Market Mapping, 2022

7.1.    By Product Category

7.2.    By End-user

7.3.    By Distribution Channel

7.4.    By Region

8.       Macro Environment and Industry Structure

8.1.    Supply Demand Analysis

8.2.    Import Export Analysis

8.3.    Value Chain Analysis

8.4.    PESTEL Analysis

8.4.1.Political Factors

8.4.2.Economic System

8.4.3.Social Implications

8.4.4.Technological Advancements

8.4.5.Environmental Impacts

8.4.6.Legal Compliances and Regulatory Policies (Statutory Bodies Included)

8.5.    Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

8.5.1.Supplier Power

8.5.2.Buyer Power

8.5.3.Substitution Threat

8.5.4.Threat from New Entrant

8.5.5.Competitive Rivalry

9.       Market Dynamics

9.1.    Growth Drivers

9.2.    Growth Inhibitors (Challenges and Restraints)

10.   Key Players Landscape

10.1.                     Competition Matrix of Top Five Market Leaders

10.2.                     Market Revenue Analysis of Top Five Market Leaders (in %, 2022)

10.3.                     Mergers and Acquisitions/Joint Ventures (If Applicable)

10.4.                     SWOT Analysis (For Five Market Players)

10.5.                     Patent Analysis (If Applicable)

11.   Pricing Analysis

12.   Case Studies

13.   Key Players Outlook

13.1.                     L’Oréal S.A.

13.1.1.    Company Details

13.1.2.    Key Management Personnel

13.1.3.    Products & Services

13.1.4.    Financials (As reported)

13.1.5.    Key Market Focus & Geographical Presence

13.1.6.    Recent Developments

13.2.                     Coty, Inc.

13.3.                     Estée Lauder Companies Inc

13.4.                     Unilever PLC

13.5.                     LVMH Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton

13.6.                     Chanel S.A. corporation

13.7.                     Planet Nails

13.8.                     Revlon, Inc.

13.9.                     Wella International Operations Switzerland S.à.r.l (OPI)

13.10.                  Get Blys Pty Limited

13.11.                  Purely Polished Pty Ltd

13.12.                  Sienna Byron Bay Pty. Ltd

*Companies mentioned above DO NOT hold any order as per market share and can be changed as per information available during research work

14.   Strategic Recommendations

15.   About Us & Disclaimer

List of Figure_Australia Nail Care Market


Figure 1. Australia Nail Care Market, By Value, In USD Billion, 2016-2030F

Figure 2. Australia Nail Care Market, By Volume, In Unit Thousand, 2016-2030F

Figure 3. Australia Nail Care Market Share, By Product Type, In USD Billion, 2016-2030F

Figure 4. Australia Nail Care Market Share, By End-use, In USD Billion, 2016-2030F

Figure 5. Australia Nail Care Market Share, By Distribution Channel, In USD Billion, 2016-2030F

Figure 6. Australia Nail Care Market Share, By Region, In USD Billion, 2016-2030F

Figure 7. By Product Type Map-Market Size (USD Billion) & Growth Rate (%), 2022

Figure 8. By End-use Map-Market Size (USD Billion) & Growth Rate (%), 2022

Figure 9. By Distribution Channel Map-Market Size (USD Billion) & Growth Rate (%), 2022

Figure 10. By Region Map-Market Size (USD Billion) & Growth Rate (%), 2022

List of Table_Australia Nail Care Market

Table 1. Pricing Analysis of Products from Key Players

Table 2. Competition Matrix of Top 5 Market Leaders

Table 3. Mergers & Acquisitions/ Joint Ventures (If Applicable)

Table 4. About Us - Region and Countries Where We Have Executed Client Projects

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